Friday, June 20, 2014

Friday Art Gallery III

So this week I decided to jump back into the present and have a look at this fresh new art for the D&D 5th Edition Starter Set. It depicts a band of goblins on a bluff looking down at a party of three around their campfire. The goblins are obviously up to no good and you can almost smell the combat coming. 

I love the fact that the artist (if anyone can find out who the artist is, please let me know) has given the goblins for 5th a distinct new look that I believe put them much closer to the Orc family than previous depictions. I’m also very happy that each goblin has its own distinctive role in the band. One can surmise that going from left to right there is a scout, a leader, a rogue, I believe the two with the spears might be barbarians , and a warrior. (What two with spears you might ask? Well take a closer look up in the branches of the trees.) The only thing I can think of that is missing would be a shaman but perhaps the DM is saving him/her for another encounter ;)

Overall, I’m quite happy with the direction of this new art. It reminds me a bit of Todd Lockwood’s work of which I’m a really big fan.  What do you think?

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  1. Much, much better than Pathfinder's depiction of goblins. They now actually -look- like goblins, instead of hairless green 'Critters' (from the movie of the same name) with hilariously disproportionate bodies. I approve :D